Sunday, February 21, 2010

We first attended the Winter Bible Seminar at Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 1992. The 2010 meetings were our 17th time to be there. We missed the 1993 meetings because we were at the Get Acquainted Weekend that spring.
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Jay DePalmo was a classmate of Paul at Rhema. He is district manager of Hobby Lobby in the Atlanta area. Jay preached on "Conquering The Promised Land" on Feb. 10 at New Life Church before leaving Georgia. Great sermon Jay. You folks need to get the CD.

Loretta Merideth of Mississippi was in the Class of 1998 with us.

Oscar Rivera, Andralid and daughters. Oscar was an usher at Rhema Bible Church with me in 1998. Oscar and Andralid minister in more than twenty prisons in the Tulsa area. Oscar travels to Mexico and South American on mission trips. His excitement about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is contageous. They have been invited to speak here in Danville and we hope to have them soon. Stay tuned.

Brian Endle and wife Julie live in Alaska. Julie was on our mission team to India

Brian and Julie at the NRC in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Feb. 2010.

Kirk DuBois (center) is an instructor at Rhema Bible Church. Several times each year he ministers in different countries of the world. See the Harvest International Ministries website at Brother Kirk was the leader of our year 2000 mission trip to Nagpur, India.

Howard and Marcia were married the day after graduation in 1998. They allowed me to photograph the wedding.

Here is Howard back in 1998 in India. The children at this Hindu school were shocked when little David killed this big Philistine giant in a Bible skit. Robert Ashley is directing the young student and telling the story of David and Goliath.

Reunion of 1998 Rhema missions trip to India. Lena, Nancye, Howard and I were in Nagpur, India with a group when we were students.

Paul and Danny (ada Robert) Ricketts. My name depends on where I am at the time.

Paul and Nancye on the campus of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Rhema Bible Church is in the background. The church opened in Feburary 1992 and Nancye, Paul and I were there.

Our son Paul met his wife Rebecca at Rhema Bible Training Center where he attended from 1994-1996. Nancye and I attended from 1996-1998. Sammy and Caleb Ricketts are two of our six grandsons.

This is part of a group from Germany attending the Winter Bible Seminar.

We returned to Virginia on Interstate 40 through Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, and Bristol. We took state roads from Interstate 77 at Hillsville. The roads were clear but there was deep snow left on sides of the road. Here are some shots from the car.

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